Who thought of…

taking the fiber from a sheep, twisting it into a thin rope-like string, and then making knots in it with sticks until it made a sweater? I would like to kiss that person even though I imagine oral hygiene wasn’t that important in their daily routine.

I was going to Roller Derby practice on the same night my mother went to knitting class. I would ask her if they lined up the rocking chairs for the little old ladies at class. Hardy har har. Then my moment in the sun came crashing in due to a pulmonary embolism. I asked my mom to bring me needles and a book while I lay in the hospital. I had to be on blood thinners for many months, and my skating days were over. Little did I know knitting and crochet would help me keep my sanity in a world gone mad.

I highly recommend some kind of handicraft to anyone with anxiety, stress, or facing challenges. You know, everyone out there! It truly has many health benefits that are being explored and researched. I will post things I have finished, patterns I love, and amazing blogs about these crafts in this section.

My goal is to make a Sofie this year. Wish me luck!!