Just not ready yet…

I feel like I need to write about this subject, but my heart isn’t ready. I am pretty shattered by this, the legal system, and people’s reactions. I would like to scream FUCK YOU to all pedophiles and especially those that prey on their own children. Such an amazing betrayal. Hanging should be brought back, stoning would be good (I’m sure you would find many volunteers to be stoners), and death by a thousand cuts still wouldn’t cause the bastards as much pain as they have put out into the world. Do not bother trying to rationalize or defend these people. You will be banned forever from this site. There is no defense. There is no reason. There is NO EXCUSE. Our legal system is broken and retraumatizes the SURVIVORS every single turn it takes. Our laws must be changed to protect the CHILDREN who have suffered unspeakable abuses.


Journey of an Outcry

On August 24th at approximately 8:38 pm my world was shaken off it axis, its rotation changed, and it began spinning out of control. This is about the journey for justice and healing. It will not be pretty, graphic language will be used liberally at times, and I will not edit the truth.