The Real Danger

Read this if you want your mind blown:

This article, videos proving this is happening, and seeing it every day causes me to have great concern regarding the future of our nation.

More and more incidents of students rising up in outrage over PERCEIVED “hurts” are occurring. Look at Yale’s “Shrieking Girl” incident over HALLOWEEN COSTUMES.

I have seen this attitude developing over the last 11 years of being an educator.

Two of my favorite classes were about “taboo” subject matter. One was Political Science “Ethnicity, Race, and Gender” in which we had lively discussions/debates regarding ALL forms of racism; the roles women should have in combat and male dominated fields; the statistics on the differences in sentencing based on gender, race, and ethnicity; and so on. We had a great class with many points of view. We did not always,  agree with each other.

Another was a philosophy class about the death penalty, human euthanasia, and abortion. We had to be able to argue from a “for” stance one day and the “against” opinion the next. I remember one girl getting so mad that she couldn’t “win” a debate with me on either side of a topic, because her religious belief system made her so rigid in her thinking. Tears don’t win debates.

Another class I took was called Animals in Society. LOVED it. We were graded by classmates on presentations we gave. Luckily, those grades were not weighed into our class grades. I gave a presentation on the Truth about the American Pitbull. I was given a couple of D’s (students) and an F (by a pre-vet student)  simply because “they hated Pitbulls”. These people had NEVER been around the dogs. The pre-vet student had NEVER been around them, but felt they should “all get a bullet”. I received a 99 on the project from my professor, by the way.

The topics were HOT and people felt strongly about them. But the discussions were civil and opened some minds to another way of looking at things. I wonder if these classes are still offered at this point. College is the place these and MORE topics like them are SUPPOSED to be discussed to help you be exposed to more ideas, beliefs, ways of thinking. It is why some are prerequisites as they help in forming WELL ROUNDED THINKERS!

It appears in our world of fear mongering versus fluff news, bipartisan politics, and sissyfication of our children that LEARNING is a dangerous “trigger”. This I find truly frightening


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