Just not ready yet…

I feel like I need to write about this subject, but my heart isn’t ready. I am pretty shattered by this, the legal system, and people’s reactions. I would like to scream FUCK YOU to all pedophiles and especially those that prey on their own children. Such an amazing betrayal. Hanging should be brought back, stoning would be good (I’m sure you would find many volunteers to be stoners), and death by a thousand cuts still wouldn’t cause the bastards as much pain as they have put out into the world. Do not bother trying to rationalize or defend these people. You will be banned forever from this site. There is no defense. There is no reason. There is NO EXCUSE. Our legal system is broken and retraumatizes the SURVIVORS every single turn it takes. Our laws must be changed to protect the CHILDREN who have suffered unspeakable abuses.


Who thought of…

taking the fiber from a sheep, twisting it into a thin rope-like string, and then making knots in it with sticks until it made a sweater? I would like to kiss that person even though I imagine oral hygiene wasn’t that important in their daily routine.

I was going to Roller Derby practice on the same night my mother went to knitting class. I would ask her if they lined up the rocking chairs for the little old ladies at class. Hardy har har. Then my moment in the sun came crashing in due to a pulmonary embolism. I asked my mom to bring me needles and a book while I lay in the hospital. I had to be on blood thinners for many months, and my skating days were over. Little did I know knitting and crochet would help me keep my sanity in a world gone mad.

I highly recommend some kind of handicraft to anyone with anxiety, stress, or facing challenges. You know, everyone out there! It truly has many health benefits that are being explored and researched. I will post things I have finished, patterns I love, and amazing blogs about these crafts in this section.

My goal is to make a Sofie this year. Wish me luck!!



The Usual Suspects

I have a few animals that I coexist with. I try to remind them that they are supposed to reduce my blood pressure not increase it exponentially. Most days they do their best to cooperate. Others, well, we just try to laugh and wait for tomorrow! They have the ability to make me laugh even on the darkest days which is priceless. Let me introduce the darlings (in order of age to be fair).

George: 12 year old Orange Tabby aka All Around Bad Ass. I’ve raised George since he was 2 days old. I am his sun, moon, and stars. I am not a cat person except when it comes to George.

Pippin: 10 years old Not So Mini House Pig Extraordinaire aka Don’t Be a Bastard. I’ve raised him since he was a few weeks old. He only loves me. Pigs are smart, destructive, and throw tantrums. They are like living with an eternal 3 year old child. Imagine that before even considering a pig.

Sweet Pea: 9 year old Chi-Something aka Great Joy. Poor little Pea was an abuse/neglect case that we adopted from the shelter. Bless her heart. EVERYONE loves Pea. I am NOT a little bitty dog person, but she is the most special little lady ever. Pure love.

MingMing: 8 year old Indoor Feral Farm Cat with heavy dash of Siamese aka Don’t Touch Me. The kid (Cat Whisperer) fell in love with her, and became distraught when she couldn’t find her at a friend’s farm (known to have one dog with the kitten killing curse). I became so distraught over kid being distraught I agreed to bring the kitten home after we found her under the tractor. After 8 years I can pet her and we are partial to each other.

Molly: 6 year old Pit-Heeler that is genuinely on the spectrum aka Lt. Fun Police. Selected from shelter, because she was recommended by a friend and has no tail (they knock everything off the coffee table).

BJ: 3 year old longhair blue Chihuahua aka the Werewolf or lil Jefe. Taken in under circumstances beyond our control. Quickly wormed his way into my heart. He is Pea’s protector from the rowdy bunch of big dogs.

Maggie: 1.5 year old Bastrop White Trash Pit aka Happy/Floppy Dog. Fostered her for 24 hours then became another foster failure. She is my BABY!

Waldo: 1.5 year old Taylor Street Dog aka Braveheart or Might Wanna Bite. Street savvy to the max he avoided the dog catcher for months before I used my smarticles to catch him and take him to a foster. Two failed adoptions later, my smarticles were overridden by my stupid heart. After realizing he would love to rip the faces off boy children, he is with us for life. He appears to be a Bassett/Lab/wiry haired Terrier, although his rescue breed label is “MunchWolfishHund” to honor the possibility of his genetics tracing back to an Irish Wolfhound/Scottish Deerhound cross that resulted in dwarfism. He is my protector with big teeth, big heart, and little legs.





The Real Danger

Read this if you want your mind blown:


This article, videos proving this is happening, and seeing it every day causes me to have great concern regarding the future of our nation.

More and more incidents of students rising up in outrage over PERCEIVED “hurts” are occurring. Look at Yale’s “Shrieking Girl” incident over HALLOWEEN COSTUMES.

I have seen this attitude developing over the last 11 years of being an educator.

Two of my favorite classes were about “taboo” subject matter. One was Political Science “Ethnicity, Race, and Gender” in which we had lively discussions/debates regarding ALL forms of racism; the roles women should have in combat and male dominated fields; the statistics on the differences in sentencing based on gender, race, and ethnicity; and so on. We had a great class with many points of view. We did not always,  agree with each other.

Another was a philosophy class about the death penalty, human euthanasia, and abortion. We had to be able to argue from a “for” stance one day and the “against” opinion the next. I remember one girl getting so mad that she couldn’t “win” a debate with me on either side of a topic, because her religious belief system made her so rigid in her thinking. Tears don’t win debates.

Another class I took was called Animals in Society. LOVED it. We were graded by classmates on presentations we gave. Luckily, those grades were not weighed into our class grades. I gave a presentation on the Truth about the American Pitbull. I was given a couple of D’s (students) and an F (by a pre-vet student)  simply because “they hated Pitbulls”. These people had NEVER been around the dogs. The pre-vet student had NEVER been around them, but felt they should “all get a bullet”. I received a 99 on the project from my professor, by the way.

The topics were HOT and people felt strongly about them. But the discussions were civil and opened some minds to another way of looking at things. I wonder if these classes are still offered at this point. College is the place these and MORE topics like them are SUPPOSED to be discussed to help you be exposed to more ideas, beliefs, ways of thinking. It is why some are prerequisites as they help in forming WELL ROUNDED THINKERS!

It appears in our world of fear mongering versus fluff news, bipartisan politics, and sissyfication of our children that LEARNING is a dangerous “trigger”. This I find truly frightening

Muslims and Misconceptions

One of my favorite people was Hakim. He was my supervisor at a State Park here in Texas. We had long discussions about racism, religion, oppression and everything between. He was a black Muslim man in his late 40’s, and I am a white woman without organized religious affiliation who was 28 at the time.

Hakim had grown up with his family attending services led by Malcolm X. His family left when Farrakhan picked up the reins of leadership Hakim was insightful, quick witted, and very kind. We discussed the the oppression of women due to religious rhetoric. We discussed the fear his family had at the change of leadership which drove them from the North to the far South. We discussed everything. Then cancer took him far too quickly.

I am sharing this story, because Hakim was a wonderful man who happened to be a Muslim. He was not an extremist, did ot try to take advantage of me, was a good father, and a loving husband.

Saying all Muslims are extremists that want to kill everyone else is the same as saying all white American males are all Timothy McVeys, all white women are Susan Atkins, insert other ridiculous over generalizations here…

I love that her program used EDUCATION and passages from the Qu’ran to bring change to people’s lives. We could use the same strategy here in the states using the good ole King James Bible to highlight the amazing roles of women (versus that darn Eve that brought all the troubles to mankind… maybe Adam should have manned up and said NO to that apple).

IGNORANCE is IGNORANCE no matter what religion you follow, the color of your skin, or gender you have. Instead of blindly following what you see on the “News” (try BBC News for actual unbiased news reporting), what your particular religious “leader” has told you, or what your good buddies at the j.o.b., try investigating through various channels. Compare the teachings of Muhammad to those of Jesus, speak to as many people as you can from various backgrounds (without forcing your opinions on them), learn about the many different religions based on the Bible to give you insight on how maybe, just maybe, extremists may have twisted the teachings of the Qu’ran, and learn about how many people and cultures were devastated by the Crusades. Then ask yourself if fear and ignorance were clouding your perspective. Were they causing you to make ignorant comments about every person in a particular religious group, country, or gender.
Education, compassion, and empathy are the keys to turning our world around. Be part of that change.